We are a tiny software and design company based in Calgary, Canada. Our focus is iOS app development and interface design. We provide consulting services and also develop our own apps.

We developed That Word, a word game for the iPhone, in 2009. We recently pulled it from the App Store because it’s long overdue for a refresh to modernized the UI. We haven’t got around to that because we’ve been working hard on Music Lens.

Who Are We?

Todd Reed


Todd’s been writing software for over 30 years and since the launch of the App Store in 2008, has focused on iOS development. Before the mobile revolution started, Todd managed a development team at a startup, and prior to that was a C++/Java/Python developer at several startups. In addition to mobile, his experience includes speech applications, natural language processing, image processing, and 3D graphics.

Yee Wen Sat

Visual Designer

Yee Wen began her career as a C++ developer, but in 2012 made the switch to designer after obtaining a degree from ACAD. Since then she has worked as a visual designer on both mobile and web projects. With this combination of skills, she’s adept at working with developers and understands the technical implications of design choices. Designing for iOS applications has sparked her interests in developing again and she is currently brushing up on Objective-C and Swift. Her goal is to design and develop her own iOS app (she has a few ideas brewing as we speak).

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